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I help AP Calculus/Calculus 1 students improve their confidence, understanding, and grades.

Calculus Crew

What is it and who is it for?

Calculus Crew is a Calculus community designed to help students learn Calculus online. It is meant to supplement a Calculus course, not as a replacement. By joining, you will get:

  • Access to group coaching sessions twice a week, and recordings of sessions

  • Workbooks of notes and extra practice problems between sessions

  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions and support others

Calculus Crew is right for you if you are enrolled in AP Calculus AB/BC or Calculus I. Whether you're just starting Calculus or preparing for the AP Calculus exam, this group can help you develop a solid Calculus understanding. You should have already taken Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. The first topic is a review of pre-requisite skills from Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus so don't worry if you need a review!

Calculus Crew is not right for you if you are enrolled in Pre-Calculus, or Calculus II or higher.

Benefits and Results

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of Calculus

  2. Feel confident in your ability to learn Calculus

  3. Improve test scores and prepare for upcoming exams

  4. Learn Calculus online at a convenient time and at your own pace



How It Works

​By joining Calculus Crew, you will get access to content covering:

  1. Foundation (pre-requisite knowledge)

  2. Limits

  3. Derivatives

  4. Applications of Derivatives

  5. Integrals

  6. Applications of Integrals

You will go through the content and practice problems at your own pace, as it aligns with your Calculus class. The content comes from College Board standards.

Join the group coaching sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm ET to answer any of your submitted questions and dive deeper into Calculus concepts. 

Have questions after hours? Post on the private Facebook group so you are constantly supported in learning Calculus.


About Me

My name is Meryl Weaver, founder of Calculus Crew and Meryl's Magic Math Tutoring Services.


I believe all students can learn and be successful in Calculus. I explain concepts simply and in multiple ways to ensure understanding. I help AP Calculus AB/BC and Calculus I students improve their understanding, confidence, and test scores.


Getting access to only group sessions with Meryl would cost about $360/month. That doesn't include the added value from additional resources and access to the private Facebook group.


Join today for $147/month AND… you’ll be locked into that price for as long as you remain a member.


That’s about $18/session! Compare that to the price of individual tutoring.

More Success Stories

Learning Calculus isn't scary when you have a Calculus community supporting you.

Learning Calculus isn't scary when you have a Calculus community supporting you!


Why choose Calculus Crew over one-on-one tutoring?

You can make more progress, quicker. Most one-on-one students meet once a week. With Calculus Crew, you have the opportunity to meet multiple times a week, have access to resources in between sessions, and a Facebook group to get questions answered sooner. I've seen many Calculus students struggle in math for the first time, so this community is designed to support one another and help students realize they're not alone. They don't need to struggle alone, just as Katiejoy realized:


Calculus Crew is ideal for students who understand the basics and need extra support on when to apply certain rules or how to solve challenging AP level questions. If your child is significantly behind, individual tutoring may be preferred, or can be added on to supplement Calculus Crew. 

How do group coaching sessions work?

Students can submit questions prior to sessions. Having experience teaching AP Calculus, I will choose additional problems aligned with the pacing of the course. Problems will have varying levels of difficulty and include previous AP exam questions.

Starting off, two group sessions will be offered a week (Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8pm ET). As the community grows to more than 10 students, additional group sessions will be offered so students get appropriate individual/small group instruction. 

Which technology/platforms are used?

  • Zoom for group coaching sessions

  • Google Classroom for additional resources/practice problems

  • Facebook, optional 

How can I track my progress?

The resources in Google Classroom go in sequential order of the AP Calculus/Calculus I curriculum. Answers are provided for the workbooks so you can track your progress and see what topics you need more practice on. Each chapter ends with a quiz to assess understanding.

Other questions? Email!

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