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Your Child's Math Journey can be Magical

At Meryl’s Magic Math, we believe all students can learn math and be successful in it.


We explain concepts simply and in multiple ways to ensure understanding. We help students improve their confidence, math understanding, and grades.


Meryl's Magic Math started after Meryl saw her students struggle in AP Calculus and other high school math classes. Meryl knew her students' grades didn't reflect their abilities. They needed more individual instruction, which was difficult with growing class sizes. Tutoring allowed for personalized help, resulting in higher student motivation and confidence in their math ability. Students showed tremendous gains in improved grades and understanding in a short amount of time. They realized they can excel in math.

Meet Meryl and Her Team

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Education: Jabaar earned both a Bachelor's of Arts and Masters of Education from Ohio University. While completing his degrees, he competed on the football team and stayed on to coach the Bobcats.

Tutoring Experience: Jabaar is a certified high school math teacher, having taught in Columbus Public Schools, Pickerington Local Schools, and currently Worthington Schools. As a teacher for 20 years, his objective is to educate, inspire, and lead youth to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Jabaar is known for building and maintaining positive relationships among students, parents, and peers. He co-created and facilitated multiple after school and summer programs focused on developing leadership skills in youth. He has numerous years of tutoring experience to match his teaching background, from middle school math up through college math courses. 

Jabaar specializes in Algebra/Math 1, Geometry/Math 2, and Algebra II/Math 3.

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Meryl Weaver

Education: Meryl earned a Bachelor's degree in Math Education and Master's degree in Mathematics, both from Ohio University.  While completing her degrees, she competed on the Women's Golf team and went on to be the Graduate Assistant for Women's Golf and a Teaching Assistant in the Math Department.


Awards: Meryl received student-nominated teaching honors such as Ohio University Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award (2013), Student and Teacher Achievement Recognition (2017), and National Honor Society Honor Teacher (2016 and 2017).


Teaching Success: As a high school teacher for five years, students consistently said they didn't like math until they took her AP Calculus class (admittedly, she's not sure she believed them--who is crazy enough to sign up for an AP course if they disliked the subject?!).  Not only did they have fun taking on the challenging concepts, but they also improved from a 20% pass rate to over 70% on the AP exam. Meryl was a Reader for the AP Calculus exam so she is familiar with the grading and how to help students succeed on the exam.

Tutoring Experience: As a math tutor for over a decade, Meryl helped students through math courses from 8th grade pre-Algebra to college level Calculus.  She worked with students individually and in small groups.   Recently her focus shifted to tutoring online, especially being an AP Calculus tutor. Read more about previous student success.

Other Interests: Meryl enjoys golfing and competing in triathlons.

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Education: Shaina earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, with a Computer Science Minor from Ohio State University. 

Tutoring Experience: Shaina is a Columbus, Ohio based math tutor specializing in Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. She's been tutoring over 10 years and gets more excited with each student! She particularly loves tutoring as she can personalize her approach to each student’s own needs and learning styles.

Tutoring Success: One parent shares her daughter's experience working with Shaina:

"My daughter was tutored by Shaina this past year in Geometry and her final grade was "A" thanks to her excellent teaching skills. Even better news is she received her test results for the Ohio State Air Testing and scored "Above Average" in Geometry. I can't begin to explain how excited, overjoyed and shocked she was with the test result score!"

-Victoria D., June 2019

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Education: Hilary received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Otterbein University, a Juris Doctorate from University of Cincinnati College of Law, and a Master of Education from The Ohio State University.

Tutoring Experience: Hilary is a former teacher with 9 years of public school teaching experience. She has over 20 years of private tutoring experience, and she enjoys working with all different types of learners. She offers tutoring on all sections of the ACT and grades 7-12 mathematics.

Tutoring Success: "My son was failing AP Calculus until Hilary started to work her tutoring magic! He is not passing all exams and class work with her assistance. Hilary has given him confidence that he can be successful. I highly recommend Meryl's Magic Math Tutoring."

-Lori Patterson, April 2021, review left on Facebook

She loves travel, concerts, books, restaurants, theater, learning, dogs, cats, animal rescue, gardening, and houseplants.




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Education: Matt earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Neuroscience from Bowdoin College and a Master's of City and Regional Planning as well as a Master's of Business Administration from The Ohio State University. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Public Policy at The Ohio State University.


Tutoring Experience: Matt has tutored middle school students in math and earth/natural sciences, high school students in Algebra, Calculus I, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry, and college students in Introductory Biology, Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physiological Psychology, and Introduction to Statistical Analysis. Because Matt has tutored students at different ages in a wide range of subjects, he has the flexibility to tailor his approach specifically to each student based on their learning style and level of background knowledge. His favorite part of tutoring is getting to know his students and their interests and making the learning process as fun as possible for them.

Matt specializes in middle school math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Biology, and Chemisty.


Other Interests: Matt enjoys playing intramural ice hockey, scuba diving, traveling, and reading. 



Interested in joining our team? Email merylsmagicmath@gmail.com for more information.