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Pricing for Individual Tutoring

We're currently offering reduced summer rates.

Start tutoring now and stay grandfathered in at a lower rate!


45 Minute Online

Tutoring Session 



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60 Minute Online

Tutoring Session



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60 Minute In Person

Tutoring Session



Additional Session Information:

  • *Tutoring with Meryl is online for $75/hour or $60 for 45 minutes

  • **Pricing depends on the grade level and tutor's experience. All tutors are certified teachers for the grade level and subject taught

  • Sessions typically last one hour (55-60 minutes to allow time to finish a problem and reflect on the problem solving process)

  • 45 minute sessions are ideal for students looking for enrichment, or to improve their grade by 1 letter grade. If your child is looking to improve by 2+ letter grades, 60 minute sessions will be important for filling in any gaps in understanding and building confidence in current topics

Rates are subject to change depending on tutor and location of the tutoring session. 



Are you debating between a private math tutor and tutoring center? While the cost of a tutoring center is comparable to the cost of a private tutor, consider:

  • Most large-scale tutoring centers have a pre-planned curriculum for each subject. Tutoring plans have limited personalization.

  • Tutors at centers are mostly high school and college students; they lack the expertise of a tutor who is a certified teacher

  • Instruction at tutoring centers is mostly in small groups and not one-on-one.

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