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60 Minute Online

Tutoring Session



COVID-19 Update: Given that libraries are closed, we've decided to move all tutoring online. As long as libraries are closed, we feel it's in everyone's best health interest to use online tutoring. It's unclear the future of education, but we are here to help support your child in whatever changes may happen.



Additional Session Information:

  • Sessions typically last one hour (55-60 minutes to allow time to finish a problem, reflect on the problem solving process, and/or quickly update the parent on progress).

  • Session can be extended to 90 minutes, if desired, given the student can remain on task for that length of time.

***Rates are subject to change depending on tutor and location of the tutoring session. 


My experience and credentials have shown these are reasonable rates.  Each lesson requires detailed planning.  I assess where the student is currently, where he/she wants to go, and develop a personalized plan. The goal is to fill in any gaps in understanding and continue to build a solid foundation as new content is mastered. 


Are you debating between a private math tutor and tutoring center? While the cost of a tutoring center is comparable to the cost of a private tutor, consider:

  • Most large-scale tutoring centers have a pre-planned curriculum for each subject. Tutoring plans have limited personalization.

  • Tutors at centers are mostly high school and college students; they lack the expertise of a tutor who is a certified teacher with a Master's in Math.

  • Instruction at tutoring centers is mostly in small groups and not one-on-one.

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