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Who Else Wants to Learn Calculus Online?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Watching videos hasn’t helped your Calculus understanding so you’re ready to try a tutor. Consider these benefits of learning Calculus online.

Can you believe school has been out for a month? Although the summer months are slow for me, they are busy for students with vacations, camps, and maybe even summer classes. Normally I’ll only have a handful of students for ACT test preparations or wanting to get a jump start on the upcoming school year.

Learn Calculus Online
Is your summer filled with fun at a beach? Photo by James Connolly

This summer, I’ve had a surprisingly high influx of college Calculus students trying to earn credit for the challenging course in the shorter time frame.

Online Calculus tutor
Or taking a college Calculus course? Photo by Tim Gouw

Some students are home for the summer, taking Calculus online. Others have limited office hour options with numerous lecture hours packed in the week. How will they get the individualized help they need without having much access to professors or tutors on campus?

They were all interested in the convenience of online Calculus tutoring. Maybe you’re in the same place but don’t know if you could benefit from learning Calculus online.

How does online Calculus tutoring work?

You don’t need a fancy headset, expensive software, or a drawing tablet. All you need is a computer and internet access.

I use Zoom, a free videoconferencing tool. With its interactive whiteboard and screen share features, I can easily pull extra problems from online resources (see a video of how online Calculus tutoring works). The online tutoring setting allows for me to copy new problem sets or change the direction of the lesson instantly as I am observing a student either struggle or excel in the planned lesson.

If students have a worksheet or textbook problems they want to work on, they can take a picture and email it to me or pull it up on their screen and we can annotate instantly. Furthermore, I can send a PDF of our session notes and/or videos of the session so students can review the topics again later.

Why learn Calculus online?

So you can have a credible Calculus tutor from anywhere in the world. With the convenience of meeting online, I can accommodate students in different cities, states, and countries. You may not be able to find a Calculus tutor near you, so online Calculus tutoring is the best option.

I’m sure you’ve tried watching free Calculus videos. Everyone knows Khan Academy these days but some colleges like Ohio State and MIT offer online Calculus videos to further aid students. Often these videos don't answer your specific question. You need a more personalized approach. You need an online Calculus tutor.

Anything you learn in person can similarly be learned online from the comfort of your home.

With advancing technology, more is being done online than in person. Numerous college courses have an online option and working remotely is becoming common in the workplace. It’s useful to learn these programs so students aren’t limited in their education or career.

How to Get Started with Tutoring

Fill out my New Student Form and we'll get started with tutoring as soon as possible!

Once we set up a convenient time for the first session, email me any assignment/problems you’d like to solve. If you’re happy with the first session, we will plan for recurring weekly sessions to continue to improve your grade and confidence in Calculus.

Although I'm sure you'd rather be on a beach this summer than studying Calculus, you might discover Calculus can be fun when you understand it! I’m confident you can learn Calculus online. Fill out my New Student Form so we can schedule an initial consultation. Then, you too can be confident in learning Calculus online and your ability to be successful in your Calculus course.


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