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How long/frequently do I need tutoring?

45 minute sessions are ideal for students looking for enrichment, or to improve their grade by 1 letter grade. If your child is looking to improve by 2+ letter grades, 60 minute sessions will be important for filling in any gaps in understanding and building confidence in current topics.

Students benefit from consistency, so we schedule weekly sessions on the same day and time each week. Once any gaps in understanding are filled, most students get through a week's worth of content in one hour of tutoring.


For students who are further behind (low grades, numerous gaps in understanding, etc.) two sessions a week are recommended.


The length of tutoring depends on the goal. Homework help or reviewing for assessments is likely to last for the duration of the school year.


For ACT/SAT prep, some older students will only need a few sessions to review concepts they haven't practiced in a while. Other students (especially younger ones taking the test for the first time) will need more sessions to learn test-taking strategies and concepts not yet covered in their regular math course at school. 


As an AP Calculus tutor, my goal is to help the student pass the AP Calculus exam. Even if the student is confident in the current content, it is never too early to begin preparing for the challenging AP exam-level questions. Meeting weekly ensures the student masters each skill thoroughly.

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