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Where do you meet students for tutoring?

Our tutors meet students at local Columbus libraries (Hilliard, Dublin, New Albany, or Old Worthington) or online.


Don't let location deter you from finding the best AP Calculus tutor. I have found online tutoring to be as effective as in-person tutoring with advancing technologies and the abundance of online resources. 

How to Hire the Best AP Calculus Tutor

I present content in multiple ways to see what best resonates with students. I build my students’ confidence while also challenging them with rigorous AP® level questions. Practicing those difficult questions helps improve test scores, as I often hear Calculus tests are harder than the homework questions. I constantly have students review concepts from earlier in the year so they have a solid Calculus foundation.


Read more tips for how to pass Calculus, as many of these ideas are incorporated into my tutoring sessions.


If this is aligned with your goals of tutoring, I could be a great fit for you. If you are only looking for homework help, I may not be the best fit because you can find a cheaper tutor.


The following questions will help guide you to hire the best AP Calculus tutor for your goals.


1. What Calculus tutoring rate are you comfortable with?

If you can afford it, consider the value in hiring a certified teacher, who is an expert in both AP Calculus and teaching others. This ensures they know how to teach Calculus as opposed to someone who just passed the class the previous year or semester.


Do you find test questions to be harder than homework questions? When I taught AP Calculus, my tests were composed of released AP exam questions. A tutor who is a current/past AP Calculus teacher could provide you with past tests and more AP exam level questions. Getting more practice with these questions (that are likely aligned with your test questions) will help improve test scores.


Bonus tip: has the teacher graded (been a "reader" for) the AP exam before? In doing so, I learned tips to earn extra points (and not lose points for notation errors!) on the AP Calculus exam.


If you look for a tutor on a tutoring website like Wyzant, their rates will be high as the company takes a portion of the hourly rate.


2. What results have other students got, as seen in reviews or testimonials?

Does the tutor have a history of student successes in Calculus, in AP® exam scores, improved grades, and more confidence?


3. Do they offer AP® Calculus tutoring online or in person?

I have found online tutoring to be as effective as in person tutoring but some students prefer sitting face to face with a tutor.


4. Ask the potential tutor to explain a concept you've struggled with in class.

This will demonstrate their teaching style and ability to communicate difficult concepts in a way that you can understand.


5. Do they provide any support or resources outside of the tutoring session?

I've found a lot of students never learned how to study for math tests. The best way to study is to practice more problems, so I compiled the best resources to study for AP Calculus tests. These are great resources for students to continue to practice Calculus and study for tests between sessions. I know AP Calc students generally have a lot of homework each night, so I offer optional extra practice between sessions.

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