Do you offer ACT/SAT tutoring?

Yes, we offer both group tutoring workshops and individual tutoring for ACT/SAT prep!

While the majority of our students take the ACT, the topics covered on the SAT are comparable. The test prep will benefit students on both tests.

The workshop starts 6-7 weeks before the scheduled ACT so students are ready for the test day. There are 7 sessions:

Week 1: English

Week 2: Math

Week 3: Reading

Week 4: Science

Week 5 (optional): Writing (an optional section of the test). Then students will take a practice test on their own. 

Weeks 6 and 7 will review the practice test. 


The cost is $275 for the 7 sessions, or $250 for the 6 sessions skipping Writing. 

Individual tutoring sessions are $65/hour, and would be the same format (so 6-7 sessions are ideal).

If you're ready to sign up for an ACT workshop, please fill out this Workshop Form.

If you want to sign up for individual tutoring, please fill out this New Student Form.

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