What are Learning Pods?

Learning pods consist of students in the same math course (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus). The Calculus learning pod is Calculus Crew.


Our pods are limited to 5 students so learning is still in a small group environment.


Pods meet online twice a week, starting September 1. It is like group tutoring; students can ask questions on assignments, get clarification on problem solving techniques, and prepare for upcoming tests. The price of the learning pod is $20-$30/session, decreasing as more students join the pod.


 Learning pods meet twice a week, while most individual tutoring students meet once a week.

Learning pods are more affordable, about half the price of an individual tutoring session, because it is a group rate.

The pods are perfect for students who have a solid math foundation and are looking for enrichment. Students who historically have been happy with their math grade will do well in this environment. Pods would also be beneficial for students looking to improve by 1 letter grade.

Students who have struggled in math (or looking to improve by 2 or more letter grades) will benefit from individual tutoring. Or, learning pods can supplement individual tutoring for students who may need extra support in remote learning.


Individual tutoring is incredibly effective because it is personalized exactly for each student. The pod, while less personalized in a small group, has the benefit of meeting twice a week for extra practice (which is great as multiple concepts are typically covered in class in a week). If you think your student may be reserved in a group setting and not ask questions, then individual tutoring would be the better option. If your student would prefer to cover one topic per session then the learning pods would be beneficial, meeting twice a week instead. With tutoring only once a week, we try to review content from the past few class sessions and preview content for the upcoming few days so students are ahead, instead of trying to catch up each week. 

More questions about learning pods? Email merylsmagicmath@gmail.com

Learning Pods vs Individual Tutoring